I live and work in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Completed a BA in Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 1996. My paintings are concerned with the idea of abandonment and the evolution of the subject matter. The abandonment of objects that may previously have performed an important function. 

Diverse in size and subject, my work bears witness to common images ranging from machinery, lighting fixtures, religious statues, fishing huts and wildlife (amongst other things), mediating between figuration and fantasy.

I like to use photographic imagery - drawn from internet research, films, TV stills or my own phone camera as starting points for my paintings. These undergo various levels of distortion, simplification or abstraction, often caused by their isolation within the painting. Due to the evolution of time and perhaps advancements in technology, the subjects depicted in my paintings may no longer hold a significant position or function in today’s world. But previously within their lifetime have had a critical role to play in someones well being, beliefs or even survival. Set against lush or visually complex backgrounds the images and representational elements in my paintings possess a sort of infinity, they survive in a melancholy existence and reflect an everyday hostile world, in which they are transiting through.

I work with mixed materials, including oil paint, bitumen and spray paint, to depict subjects that are often isolated within the painting with nothing but the memory of their former glory. Inviting the viewer to ponder the reasons for their demise.

My work explores the physical properties of paint. Building up surfaces by layering the different mediums, the paintings are constructed by allowing the mediums to react with each other. The mixture of materials yield a multitude of textures. The last layer creates the ground onto which the final image is painted. My work falls between abstraction, realistic representation, and cartoon. 


2021 Edgelands, South Tipperary Arts Centre, Clonmel

2018 Verlassen, Army Barracks Magazine - Clonmel Junction Festival


2021 Outbuilding - The Source, Thurles

2020 From Beyond - The Lockdown Series - On-line exhibition in response to COVID-19 restrictions

2018/2019 Remnants Group Show. Curated by John Kennedy - South Tipperary Arts Centre, Clonmel

2018 RHA, Royal Hibernian Academy, 188th Annual Summer Exhibition

2019 RHA, Royal Hibernian Academy, 189th Annual Summer Exhibition

2020 RHA, Royal Hibernian Academy, 190th Annual Summer Exhibition

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